2. Play with the Eyes - Eye contact or the direction in which the eyes are gazing heavily affects the effect of the portrait. Looking directly into the camera isn't always the most interesting way to shoot someone. It may be more intriguing to have the subject look off to the side, drawing those who look at the shot to wonder what's there, off camera, unseen. But be careful how you do this, because drawing the viewer's eyes to the side also takes their eyes off your subject.

3. Staying Focused within the Frame - In other words, have your subject holding an object, like a woman holding a baby, or a child holding a toy keeps the viewers eyes focused inside the frame and on the subjects. It creates a second point of interest and helps to create a story within the frame with the subject.

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All budding photographers, as well as those who've been shooting for a while, are all looking for the same thing. They want to shoot stunning photographs that capture the "wow" factor. It is not an easy thing to do, since beauty is in the eye of the beholder. However, it is not impossible and rather than following rules, sometimes it is necessary to break them. Be random and boldly follow your instincts to find that special picture that makes everyone stop and take notice.

1. Change the Perspective - Nearly all portraits are taken with the camera at eye level. Change the perspective by changing the angle from which you're shooting. Get up high over your subject for one effect. From that vantage you may see an even more interesting aspect. Experiment with your composition.